What is Create?

Create Kids Fest is an interactive, multidisciplinary festival for families that provides an opportunity to experience fine arts, explore the process of art creation and participate in special moments that will be cherished for years to come. Create Kids Fest engages kids, and includes them in every aspect of planning, organization and event execution. We provide a learning opportunity for young people seeking to contribute to the community or hands on positions for those interested in pursuing a career in performing arts or production.

What We’re About

Last Year’s Festival

The 2019 Create Kids Fest engaged audiences in a variety of performances -- magic, art, music, storytelling, dance and theatre arts. Local performers showcased their talent to entertain audiences both young and old.

We will build on the successes of Create Kids Fest in 2020 and continue to provide a unique, fuss-friendly, family-friends arts experience that is bound to inspire and delight once again.